Thursday, June 27, 2013

Treatment of Hemorrhoids Sitz Bath

 Sitting in the bath in warm water in the case of the anus region problems are very useful in a relaxing way. 

Especially hemorrhoids anus crack anal fissure), the anus prolapse (rectal prolapse), wart anus (anal condyloma, condyloma accuminata), the anus abscess (anorectal abscess, perianal abscess anal abscess), and anus, fistulae (anorectal fistula, perianal fistula anal fistula) in cases like sitting in the bath is a great comfort. 

Sitting bath is ideal as 15-20 minutes, a basin, a bathtub or a custom-made living tubs in would be appropriate to do. Usually, the water into a additives, you don't need to, sometimes chamomile water, sea water, soda, salt, iodine solutions (Batticon, Betadine, etc.). and some alcoholic solutions (Rivanol, etc.). suggesting the use of physicians. Sitting bath, following the makat district, the irritation of being a very soft way towel or toilet paper with the need to be cleaned. 

Rarely, some people in this application, vertigo, and therefore caution should be exercised.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hemorrhoids what is it?

Hemorrhoids is a difficult disease. Living painful. But it is easy to treat. Therefore, consult a doctor without delay. Hemorrhoids may regret it progresses.


Hemorrhoids is a difficult disease
Takes place at the beginning of the anus and rectum diseases .. The anus and rectum, urinary system, exit and can be seen in nearly two decades, and many types of the disease symptoms of the disease can be monitored indirectly place. Hemorrhoids, hemorrhoidal veins in the anus expands over time, abnormal red and purple bags (breasts) in the form of wear and puncture sometimes protrude during bowel movements, often make the bright red bleeding, sometimes with clots breast filled with a sudden severe pain, edema, inflammation, injury and pain does.

Causes of Hemorrhoids
The first cause constipation. In addition, colitis, proctitis, enteritis, intestinal infections such as; drink excessively spicy food consumption irritant; poor hygiene, hemorrhoidal veins in the anus, congenital weakness of the wall structure is weak and bagging or later, due to an enlarged prostate and constipation and excessive straining sit on the toilet for a long time all-day sitting or standing still, and extreme fatigue, portal hypertension, pregnancy, uterine myoma, ovarian cyst, and so on. urlar as large intra-abdominal, chronic cough, abdominal obesity, and other diseases that increase intravascular pressures are among the common reasons.

Haemorrhoids primarily in the domestic (internal) and external (external) are divided into two.

Most of these are internal hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids are classified as 4 degrees.

1) Grade I (Grade 1) Hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids are in the up position the nozzle of the mold, who did not go out of the anus can be seen, but if entered into with anoscope 1 There is a degree hemorrhoids. Only manifests itself with bleeding

Treatment: 1 degree hemorrhoids are rubber band binding, injection of sclerosing drugs, popularly known as laser photocoagulation infirared can be treated conservatively medical procedures, surgery do not need to

2) Grade II (2nd Grade) haemorrhoids: These are coming out of the anus during defecation and a palpable ıkınınca toilet, pulled into the anal canal stood up, lost, pain-free, 1-3 cm in diameter nozzles Hemorrhoids and the toilet is usually in the form of droplets sprayed or rapid manner , bleed.

Binding, infrared photocoagulation or injection of sclerosing drugs, are treated with surgery

3) Grade III (3rd degree) hemorrhoids: internal (internal) hemorrhoids nozzles can easily come out of the anus, the pain often do clot and edema, inflammation and ulcers on the wounds and bloody discharge that form; inside is outside or inside the anus as long as itilmediği late withdrawal state.

4) Grade IV (4th degree) hemorrhoids: internal and external hemorrhoids old cases of chronic constipation that lasts for years collectively sagging down the toilet or on the couch as a result lots of seating, big boobs, painless, watery, wet pake settled case-based all-round remains outside the anus.

TREATMENT: Surgical treatment is indicated for most, but if you interfere with surgery, life-long conservative medical procedures continues, and always plenty of water, plenty of vegetables, fruits are abundant, never tea, coffee, coke, refined foods and spices can not.

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